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To continue, I'm in the bath and had my head just started to piss me open my mouth, he says he knows, as I said, and as the flow of urine moves upward to open the mouth, as in I can not believe what has happened all 3, is hours. I cheated on my husband and rode like a dog and bark is so good now I drink my piss heads. says I was there for one half of mine told me to get a grip, but I know that I like is used as follows : Why do not you know, for the past 4 years have sex with my husband 's back is usually in the dark, thinking I do not think this is happening. I know I read about it, but never thought I would let my self-esteem, are treated in this way. When Bob finished his urine, I said in my hands and knees, as I have said to me and looked at him, he smells like ass and tells me that the 18stream bark, me, as I said, and gets into the tub and he pushes his cock. Do you have fun at this, he says yes, I'm moving the dog, if you have to talk to you not think, 18stream saysBark like the bitch that I nod and continue barking now, I think I heard your ass now understeer, he asks, I nod, good girl now, it will be. and my pussy I feel it pressed against my ass movement is a bit difficult and he is in me. He says you have to get used to it, as I love anal sex which is good, I nod and after about 5 minutes, I think that comes in the side view of me. 18stream Now you know what you now do not you ask Bob, you suck I wonder, laughs good girl, but I have seen, you'd better take you home to have. I dressed and go home when we go to Bob reminds me of family physicians. If I ask if I could use something like the Grand Prix I will tell you why the pill. Bob left the car and tell me what you have to strip, I asked. Take your clothes off quickly screwed the strip and now look. Arrival Well, if you do it at home so you do not want to argue with me again, I 'm not your friend, you're my bitch and is, as I said, it is clear that snapyou see now go on until I say otherwise, and if you're lucky, I will put before you 18stream get home. I stay quiet about what they are in my home 18stream I can be myself, to feel the call of 18stream the humiliation to come. we reached the corner of my street, and stops. I have to pull almost weeping with pleasure thank you thank you again and again. All I remember is what I say and everything will be alright, says that kisses let me go to the doctors and say, you see another 18stream man is clear. Yes, I'm fine, he says, around the corner and say, pulling up in front of my house, outside. Bob 's driving and I try my thoughts so I'll go upstairs and my husband is in bed, I asked how, why my hair is wet, I say he was beaten a little flour to with the substance. He starts running his hands on me and I think that suddenly, lawn Worry no more, I am starting to push the head down covered in honey, what do wonders. I want to lickbetween my legs, I say, but I 've never done that babbles. Well, it's bloody time I met him, I say in sensation in the mouth of my pussy lick me now, I say, and he starts slowley on the tongue and walk my clitoris. I tease and 18stream more pressure to pull it more difficult I like the power I have over him. He licks and feel come take my confidence. Fuck Me I prefer to call it now looked at me in shock of what he said, pushing him onto his back and hit it, I will do all the work, then weeping and grinding ride furiously up and down it. After 10 minutes I felt that I shoot myself and my husband as he pulls grab my head and push him to lick me again when 18stream he returned growl. but, but he stammers the mess we are now, I say, as he begins to lick and begin to understand why the control is great fun. more to come
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